Founded in 2011

The FF24 group (FF24), consisting of the parent company Fast Finance 24 Holding P.L.C. and its wholly owned subsidiaries FF24 LTD, Fast Finance 24 SL and Fast Finance 24 LTD, is an international provider of financial services and microcredits for individuals founded in London in 2011. FF24 positions itself as a flexible and innovative alternative to traditional banks, using state-of-the-art software solutions that enable a fast, secure and automatic processing of every customer request without bureaucracy and paperwork. In addition to microcredits, the "rent-to-own" model is another business area of ​​the group: here, the customer does not acquire a product, but rents it for a weekly payment.
The company is headquartered in Berlin today with offices in the UK, Spain and Malta.

Link: www.fastfinance24.com

Investment share: 9,6%

Investment since 2018